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Mario Bros Town 2 is an entertaining game to play with the entire family
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Mario Bros Town 2 is an entertaining game to play with the entire family -or just with the kids- just take turns to play and share laughs. You will be presented with a very small town with a few places to go, you will need to win each level in order to move forward in the town. Each level has many obstacles and a lot of coins, all of which you have to get to increase your final score.

But it's not this classic playing-mode that makes this game fun, it's the mini games! They're incredibly simple, yet a bit addictive. It comes with three mini games: Rocky Platforms, The Last Survivor and Bowser Race.

In Rocky Platforms you'll find yourself jumping a lot from one platform to another, since each platform will rock and fall to the void and you have to keep moving to stay on top. If you fall you loose. At the end of the level you will see how many seconds you have endured.

The Last Survivor is very funny, since it takes our minds to the point of view of a Goomba which will take its turn to kill Mario's allies in revenge for so many past kills of his peers. For those who don't know, a Goomba is the brown enemy that you see in every Mario game, usually it's the first one to come, do you remember now? It's the one who stops you from grabbing the mushroom so many times.

Finally the Bowser Race is very simple and very boring, all you need to do is to move forward in the world trying to get to the end before Bowser, of course you will find several obstacles and enemies that will make your work harder, but at the end it's very easy.

Jonathan Palencia
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